The Blue People

Mr. T and I had some very special guests the other day, all the way from good ol' Kansas City! 

Travis and Darci (aka: Twavis and Gargi) come with their husky, Nora, to stay the night on their way to Colorado.  We stayed up talking really late on Friday night until I was sure my eyeballs were being weighed down by bowling balls, then we all retired to our beds for the slumber portion of the visit.

In the morning, we hoped out of bed and ate breakfast.  Darci and I decided to go for a walk.  Well, I thought we were going for a walk, so I wore my flip-flops.  Darci wore her tennie-runners and took off like she stole something!  I told her we had to slow down, because of the baby, of course.  Not because I'm old and out of shape and have a hard time keeping up.  That's when I realized that Mr. T and I don't really go on power walks.  Our walks are more like leisurely strolls where we sometimes get passed by old-timers and people on crutches. 

Anyway, Darci and I made it back to the house for a few games of Monopoly Deal.  We played teams, boys vs. girls.  The first couple of games were practice rounds.  Those were the games that the boys won.  Then we played a game "for real this time" and Darci and I skunked them!  I mean, I bet their bottoms are still sore from the spankin' they received.  You can see from the picture below that they are acting tough, but it's really just an over-compensation technique thing that men do when their egos are bruised. 

PS - I love to win!
PPS - this picture entertains me.

The visit wrapped up with a trip down to the bakery to get lunch, where Nora was the star of the town.  I couldn't believe how many people came over to see her and take pictures of her with their IPhone.  Hasn't anyone ever seen a DOG before?!?  Sheesh!!!

Anyway, after that it was just about time to say goodbye.  So amidst the tear stains and chin quivers, we dished out the hugs and handshakes and sent them down the road.

What a lovely time...

Oh, and we all decided to wear blue.  I like that about us.


Going to War

Mr. T and I have been running to train for The Color Run.  We're up to running two miles.  That's pretty good for us old, out-of-shape people.
We've been running on the track and doing this workout program called Couch to 5K.  Earlier in the training, a workout might look something like this:

Run 2 laps (1/2 a mile)
Walk 1 lap

Run 3 laps
Walk 1 lap

Run 2 laps
Walk 1 lap

Getting in shape, via the running route, is pretty hard.  I get a chuckle when we start to take off to run another set because, often times, Mr. T and I hug and kiss each other and say
"I love you," and
"I'm so proud of you," and
"Be careful," and
"See you when it's all over."

It's like we're going off to war or something. 
Which is kind of what it feels like. 

Mr. T runs faster than me, because I'm running for two now. 
But it's starting to get easier and it feels good to actually get in shape instead of just talk about getting in shape.


You Haven't Lived...

...until you've seen Mr. T sitting criss-cross apple sauce in our new kiddie pool, reading a Donald Trump book on finances.  It's the funniest/best thing ever! 
And, no, I don't have a picture.  I probably shouldn't even be sharing this with you, but it's too great not to share.  I asked him if it was relaxing to sit in the pool and he said, "Not really.  I just like to spend time with you."  He's sweet to the max!

I like the kiddie pool because I think it is VERY relaxing to sit in the cool water, under the warm sun, getting lost in a book for awhile. 

My book of choice yesterday is called Discipline That Lasts A Lifetime by Dr. Ray Guarendi.  It's the first parenting book I've read and I really appreciate what Dr. Ray says.  I thought it would be good to start with the important stuff first...like discipline. 

It was loaned to me by the Highly Esteemed Brooke Grigg some time ago, long before we were even expecting.  She said, "Read this, it's funny!"  I wasn't quite so sure.  A parenting book on discipline does not usually equal "funny" in my mind.  How wrong I was!  It is really entertaining.  I LOL'ed many times and interrupted Mr. T from his reading so I could read aloud the funny parts to him. 

There was one time I broke down into a flat out giggle-fest.  Tears were running down my cheeks and the whole works.  Mr. T was laughing too.  Not so much at the book.  More at me laughing at the book, which was probably slightly funnier.  Have you ever seen a pregnant lady get the giggles while she's sprawled out in a kiddie pool?  It would give you a chuckle too. 

We also have some LOVELY company this weekend.  I'll tell you about it tomorrow.