Mental Snapshots

Photography is such a big part of our culture today.  Non-professionals with a great camera and a creative mind can do wonders at capturing images from the world around them.  I have neither a great camera or a creative mind, but I do have the desire to take great photos of the people and the life God has blessed me with.  Perhaps someday...

In the meantime, I'll take simple pictures that will undoubtedly be enjoyed for the rest of my life.  Aside from printed photos, I have come to discover that God has gifted me with a series of mental snapshots.  I believe it is a gift to mothers, straight from heaven, to have a collection of mental images given to her and her alone.  There are sweet moments with Tidytot that no camera has ever captured.  Moments shared just between the two of us that are stored in my heart and that will be forever cherished.  

They are all part of God's amazing grace that he so lavishly pours out on me every day.  


Breakfast Conversation

Mr. T and I have had a few noteworthy breakfast conversations recently.  

One conversation began the other day when I announced that a new X-Men movie was coming out.  In this one the Wolverine goes to Japan because someone there claims they can make him mortal.  The topic of immortality lead Mr. T to launch into a description of the movie The Highlander.  He proceeded to tell me all about how the Highlander is immortal and how he enters this competition to win the prize of mortality.  

I'm familiar enough to know that if an immortal person gets their head lobbed off, then it's over.  So I ask him, "Why do they fight so hard to keep their heads from getting lobbed off, thus ending their lives, just so they can win the prize of mortality?"  He then looked at me in wonderment at how I could ask such a thing.  His chest puffed up as he took in a deep breath and he prepared himself to enter into the challenge of explaining it to me.  Mind you, the explanation did include him bursting into song, delighting me with his rendition of Queen's "Who Wants to Live Forever," which he sang in perfect falsetto.  

From what I understood, basically the immortals want to be mortal, but they don't want their lives to just be over.  For centuries they've had to watch their loved ones grow old and pass away and they remained.  They want to be able to grow old with someone they love.  

I get that.  It's a prize worth fighting for.

But then I said, "Yea, but probably what would happen is that you'd go century after century saying goodbye to your true loves.  Then you'd win this big prize of mortality, except you'd win it at a time when you're not in love with anyone  So FINALLY you can grow old with someone, but try as you might, you just can't seem to make any romantic connections.  There are NO fish in the sea.  You try eharmony, match.com, christiansingles.com, speed dating, everything...and NOTHING seems to work!  No romantic sparks, no potentials, not even a "close-enough".  Wouldn't that be so ironic?!?"

And Mr. T laughed because, although I sort of made a mockery of one of his beloved movies, that would be pretty funny.

I think I'll write the Highlander II script.  A comedic follow-up to the original incorporating social media, online dating, and common woes of a modern day single who works tirelessly to make a love connection.  It will be the Highlander's greatest challenge to date!  (get it..."to date"!)  Ha!  I crack myself up.


Mr. T turns 41!

Sunday was Mr. T's birthday.  41 years old, my oh my, how times flies.  Seems like yesterday we were just two kids with skinned knees, skipping rocks by the pond and carving our names on a wide oak tree.  Just kidding.  We didn't grow up together.  Well, we've kind of grown up together since we've been married...if you define "growing up" as getting old and boring.  I suppose I should speak for myself.  I mean, there is nothing boring about the man in this picture:

And he would try to convince you that he is old, but it's all in his head.  He's still got a lot of miles on him, as far as I can tell. 

Goodness, I love him.  I have grown so much as a person under his influence and am thankful that he is the leader of our home.  

He and Tidytot (who is now 5 months old) are fun together.  I tell people, "The first month, he wasn't so sure about her.  The second month, she wasn't so sure about him.  Now, those two are totally in ca-hoots!"

I see plenty of these moments:

With only the occasional...

 Mr. T is a wonderful father and husband and is so very loved by Tidytot and me.