Weekend Review

The Tidyman clan just went on a whirlwind tour across the Midwest to see some dear friends and family.  Tidytot traveled very well, a huge blessing for all!  Along the way, we were able to visit with so many people we love who fed us lovely, delicious food and opened their homes to us.  Thanks to everyone for making our weekend so special!

Since then I have been playing catch up; a game I don't fully understand.  For example, we walked in the door with one big suitcase full of dirty clothes.  Somehow, that translated to about 5 full loads of laundry.  How is that possible???

Whoops - my baby just woke up so I guess I will bring this to a close.  Mr. T thinks this video is hilarious.  I'm sure it has nothing to do with how he relates to the poor fellow who is working so hard to be both understanding and logical.


Her Very 1st "Half Birthday"!

You know kids.  They don't hesitate to announce that they are 3 1/2, or 5 1/2, or 32 1/2 (as is the case with me).  Well, Tidytot is officially 6 months old today.  Her very 1st "Half Birthday".  Where has the time gone?!?  

It seems like between months 4 & 5 she had some some changes, but not a whole lot.  This past month, however, she's bloomed!  Two teeth are very present on her bottom gums and she loves rolling all around the house.  She just seems older, bigger, with more personality and better muscle control.  (Unless she comes in contact with a baby chicken.  Then she has a hard time controlling her death grip.  She almost decapitated one the other day.  Ack!  Poor thing never saw it coming.)  

Our house is changing too.  Mr. T just finished installing the baby gates that he made from scratch.  I need to add a decorative element to them and they will be ready for a crawling baby girl.  

There are so many things I want to remember.  Like how she "swims her hand" when I lay her down for a nap or when I'm holding her.  I don't know how else to define it.  One finger goes in her mouth and the other hand moves back and forth like a swimming motion until she falls asleep.  So cute.

And she's started laying her head on my shoulder.  I love it.

And when she wakes up from her nap, she usually lays in bed and talks to herself while chewing on some part of a stuffed toy.  When she sees us coming, her face bursts into a huge smile and she will often kick her legs in excitement.  She probably got it from me because it's the same thing I do when I see chocolate cake.

Tidytot still makes us work hard to get her to laugh, but laugh she does.  It's music to our ears.  And for reasons unbeknownst to me, she's started growling like a grizzly bear.  

She really likes going on walks in her stroller.  In fact, we've found that if we are out for the evening, we can take a break and go on a short walk.  She will often fall asleep and the power nap helps carry her through until bedtime.  

We are learning to adapt with her changes and work hard to enjoy each phase, all the while anticipating the next.  For now, Happy 1st Half Birthday Tidytot!


Something New

We are are the verge of something new.  I'm learning all about what I mentally call "the parenting verge".  It seems that we are always on the verge of something new.  Just as soon as you start to get a few things figured out, the little rascals change something on you.  

Tidytot has been sleeping through the night since she was, oh...just shy of three months old.  I hate to brag about it (and by "hate" I mean "secretly love"), but it's normal for babies not to sleep through the night so soon and so we felt very blessed...and rested.

Well, a little while back she started getting up once a night.  Then more than once.  Then every 2.5 hours and we found ourselves back to square one.  Mr. T and I did what any responsible parent would do - we panicked!  Just kidding.  But we (especially I) felt very motivated to figure out what was causing this new development.  

Is she cold?  Hot?  Uncomfortable?  Hungry?  Teething?  

Based on the evidence of a pearly, pointy white bump on her lower gums, teething was a definite possibility.  And while that's very exciting, it's also not much fun for Tidytot, or me, or Mr. T, or anyone who thinks, "Oh, what a cute baby!  I think I will hold her," only to be greeted with a lot of loud crying.  She is a mamma's girl to be sure and teething has not helped her to be less so.  

Tidytot is also 5 1/2 months old and very near the time when we are supposed to start giving her solid food.  Thinking she might be hungry, we decided to jump the gun a couple of weeks and see how she liked sweet potatoes.  I started by giving her tiny, dainty bites that she was semi-interested in.  Then Mr. T took over and loaded up the spoon.  Tidytot was ever so much happier digging her hands in the sweet potatoes and bringing them to her mouth.  She was a royal mess!  We all were.  Why do babies get the sneezes when their mouths are full?  

Anyway, the interrupted sleeping is still touch and go, but soon we'll get the hang of this new phase.  Then it will be time for something new!