The Birthday Email

(Ridiculous email informing the public of my birthday wish list.  Try not to be offended.)

30 was a Big Year!!!  
I didn't know when I was writing last year's Birthday Email that the following events would unfold.  Well, I guess I realized it was possible, but I didn't know that I would be writing this email for year 31 in MCCOOK, NEBRASKA!  MARRIED!  PREGNANT! (just kidding, totally NOT prego...yet...I don't think).  Regardless, so much has happened!  It all started with a....

Big Party.  My "Not Yet Love" threw me a "Pirates and Princesses" surprise party.  I thought, "Pirates and Princesses...doesn't he even know me!"  Then I thought, "Well, that was super great of him to organize such a big birthday party and it was really fun.  I guess he's pretty cool."  Thus was the wiffle-waffle state of my heart during the first - oh, majority -  of our dating experience.  I've sometimes joked that dating was the most difficult part of our relationship.  So far that's been true.  Dating was thumbs down!  Not because of Mr. T - he was wonderful.  But because I fought against myself the whole time.  Do I like him?  Is he worthy of my love?  Will he be a good spouse?  Oh the stress - the heartache - the sleepless nights.  I was a tortured soul.  Clear up until he asked the...

Big Question - "Will you marry me?"  Ahhhhh!  I totally choked.  We were in India at the time, right in the middle of a Big Fight.  I was drowning under a sea of doubts and my very faithful God threw me a life preserver and told me everything was going to be okay.  So, our relationship lived.  Which brings us to the...

Big Question...Again - Somewhere along the lines of, "How's about now?" To which I replied, "Duh! Totally!"  Not really.  It was actually very romantic.  The next day, I started to prepare for the...

Big Move - from Kansas City to McCook.  At first glace, it might seem like a downgrade, but it's not.  There's lots to do here.  We're busy all the time!  I thought life was going to slow way down.  The truth is there's lots we want to do, but we just don't have the time.  I do miss Kansas City, however.  I loved it and I'm so glad I was able to live there.  I miss my friends very much.  God has been so gracious to introduce me to some amazing people here - who love God.  And love people.  And inspire me to be more like Jesus.  So, if I'm not at the Super Wal-Mart or hanging out with my new friends, I'm either fixing up the house or working as a secretary by day and a waitress by night.  But before all that, we spent some time planning the...
Big Celebration - It was a beautiful wedding.  My mom found this place outside of Hutchinson...Sweetwater Farms.  It was like a little Italian Villa right in the middle of Kansas.  The owners were amazing.  They opened their charming home, set everything up, made the most scrumptious food and smiled at us as we walked by.  We felt so supported by our wonderful and generous family and friends.  The weather was perfect.  Our photographer was great.  I gained some fabulous in laws.  It was awesome!  Then, honeymoon in San Diego, planned by the delightful Michelle Scollard and back home.  My new home, in McCook, Nebraska with my new husband, living a new life - serving a...

Big God! - I'm not sure how it works.  As I age, God seems to be so much bigger, and yet, so much more personal at the same time.  He is right beside me.  In good times.  In bad times.  He's right here.  If I can sense his presence or or if I can't.  He's here.  My constant companion.  A most Holy and awesome God, Creator, Sustainer - Living, Active, Just and Worthy of every praise and sacrifice I can offer.  He Is Worthy!  So, follow him and know that this life and all it has to offer is so temporary.  The best and worst things in life are so finite in comparison to an infinite God who, by the way, loves you and will see you through.  

In case your wondering - marriage is thumbs up!  It's actually fun!  Who knew?  My Love is a wonderful husband.  He is full of integrity, wisdom, knowledge, compassion - oh - and he's funny and cute and really good at home repair stuff and business stuff.  That comparison between marriage being like Christ and the church - I can see that.  He sacrifices for me and loves me well, just like Christ and the church.  I truly treasure everyday with Mr. T.  

For some people, when their hearts are so full of love, they don't need material possessions.  Those people are not named Mrs. Tidyman.  Basically, I want all the stuff listed below.  

Here's the list:  
(*side note - when I moved from KC to McC - there were several who looked at me with panicked faces and said, "You're still going to write the Birthday Email, aren't you!?!", instead of, "Oh, I'll miss you so much!"  You know who you are.  It's okay.  I understand.  And I assume you miss me.)

Wish List for Year 31

3x5 Watercolor Flowers Printed Rug

Hand Weights

Jillian Michaels' work out DVDs.  

Collage Frame

New Clothes
Wal-Mart, I-Tunes, Amazon, Gift Cards
Canned Tamales

Until next year...
Mrs. Tidyman