The Tree

My whole life I've had a fake Christmas tree.  Until this year...
Not only did we get a real Christmas tree - but we got a real Christmas tree that Mr. T and I gathered from the great outdoors.

Here's the story:

Last Sunday we asked our good friend, Dick Neel, if there were any trees on his property that we could cut down and use in our house for our Christmas tree.  He pointed us to the deep, deep woods and said, "You might find something in there!"  So, out we went in search of the tree that would be part of our first Christmas together.

We went through the sea of swirly twirly gum drops, past the candy cane forest (JK - had to put that in for all my fellow Elf fans.)  But we did have to scale an electric fence and dodge about a zillion cow pies in order to get to the "tree lot"...where we went "shopping" for a tree...which we did not find...because there was not a single tree that would work. 

So, back we went to the Neel's house and told Dick Neel about our dilemma and he said, "Wait'll I get my jacket and we'll go out and get us a Christmas tree."  Once again we went to the same deep, deep woods.  Mr. T and I were shaking our heads the whole time, trying to convince him that, "THERE ARE NO TREES OVER THERE!" 

What do we know?
We saw several candidates.  And then we rounded a bend that revealed THE tree - a great and glorious spruce.
We were warned before we went that the tree always looks smaller than you think it's going to be.  Then you get it inside your house and it's huge.  So, like good Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, we measured and cut off the top portion of the tree, hauled it back and set it up in the house. 

Despite our efforts, the tree is quite large and fills up most of our living room.

Now, I've had Christmas fever for a long time and had been really looking forward to decorating for Christmas, but when the time came the feeling had faded.  After searching, researching, measuring, chopping, hauling, setting up and straightening the tree, Mr. T said, "I think I'll go upstairs and lay down for a little while."  That sounded like a good idea to me too, but I turned on the Christmas music, hauled out the decor and got to it.

My vote on real trees - I like them!

Sure I:
1.  Sneezed for the first 24 hours.
2.  Marveled at the fact that it's "normal" to set up a TREE in your HOUSE and decorate it.
3.  Marveled even more that Mr. T and I followed this quirky tradition with flair and not only brought a tree into our home, but brought a HUGE-MON-GOUS tree into our home.
4.  Felt kind of bad about ripping the tree out of the gentle hands of Mother Nature, just so we could save $30 bucks.
5.  Worried for quite some time because the tree really did smell like cat pee.
6.  Worried even more when a friend smelled our house, turned up their nose and said, "Do you have cats?"
7.  Thought, upon completion of tinsel hanging, "That's more of a Christmas blob, than a Christmas tree."

But now my eyes have adjusted to its size
And my nose to its smell
And I really do love it...a great and glorious tree for our first Christmas!


The Christmas Spirit

I've got it.

More like Christmas fever.

It doesn't really matter what you call it.
Potato, PoTAto.

Basically, I've never been one to wish Thanksgiving away.  I love Thanksgiving.  I'm thankful for it.
I like reading long lists of what other people are thankful for on Facebook.  It's healthy to ponder your life with a heart of gratitude.

But I want Christmas!

I want to decorate, string cranberries, buy gifts, go to Christmas parties, eat yummy snacks, look at Christmas lights and gaudy/overdone Christmas-themed lawn ornaments.  I want it all!!!

And in three more days, it all begins.  The Christmas season...

And that is exactly what's on my Thanksgiving, "What I Am Thankful For" list. 


Just Dance

I spent all last week seeing some out of town friends and family.  It was so good to catch up with everyone.

Mom and I wrapped up the weekend at my sister, Janae's, house.  One evening we were watching a movie.  Towards the middle of the show the characters busted out into a dance party.  So we, not wanting to be out done, also had our own little dance party...including a late night trip to Wal-Mart to pick up Just Dance 3 for the Wii, which we played until midnight.  And we are GOOD!  As well we should be since we've been having dance parties since we were kids.  We used to spend HOURS choreographing a dance, then we'd drag the whole family downstairs for the big performance.  Our family members were always soooooo impressed!  Sometimes we would let our brother, Joey, in on the dance as a guest performer, but usually we just made him run the music for us.  I bet he misses that. 

The only thing missing from the perfect memories was a talent scout.  One who just happened to walk by the window at the perfect moment to witness our untrained, yet impressive skills and recruit us to a life of fame and glory.  Unfortunately, that never happened.  So we've both taken different routes in life.  She chose the life of an accountant and I the life of a small town secretary.  It's a facade really.  Like how Superman was a reporter as a cover for his true identity.  Janae and I work desk jobs while our dancing talent lies under the surface, perhaps never to be discovered.  That still doesn't change the fact that every time the phone rings I think, "I've been discovered!"  Perhaps someday...


Foreign Accent Syndrome

Today in the news is a woman who claims that even though she was born in Kansas, she has had an English accent her entire life.  "I'm not faking it!" she says as if she just stepped out of a Jane Austin novel. 

Who am I to judge, but it seems that according to Wikipedia, she might be faking it.  Foreign Accent Syndrome is often caused by a stroke or head trauma and she has had her English accent since her birth in the Midwest.


Howevs, I do think I have this syndrome.
My former roomie, Melissa, and I spoke in an English accent for the better part of the day earlier this week.
My other former roomie, Jordanne, acted like she was not amused or impressed.  I dare to say she was, in fact, both.

Furthermore, on occasion it has just so happens that someone (not always me) suggests we speak in a foreign accent for the entire day.  On just such an occasion, I almost always vote for Queen Elizabeth Accent Day.  Sometimes Pakistani Accent Day, but usually Queen Elizabeth.

And, you know how people have good hair days.  I have good English accent days. 

It's only logical to conclude that I have Foreign Accent Syndrome.

I'm calling the doctor. 
I think he will prescribe a dose of Henry Higgins.
Just you wait! 

Did you know...

...you can make homemade Butterfingers with just candy corn, peanut butter and chocolate!
My lovely Mother discovered this via her dear friend, Doris.
In case you're interested...

Homemade Butterfingers


Equal parts candy corn and peanut butter.  Ex.
  1. 3 cups candy corn
  2. 3 cups peanut butter
  3. Chocolate for dipping

Melt candy corn in the microwave for about 60 seconds. Check and stir returning to microwave for 15 second intervals until completely melted.
  1. Add peanut butter and combine. Return to microwave if necessary to incorporate until creamy.
  2. Pour into a greased 8x8 pan (or whatever pan you like to get the thickness you desire) and let cool about an hour.
  3. Cut candy into desired shape and cover in melted chocolate.


Goin' on Tour

Tomorrow I'm headed to KC.
Then to Hutch.
Then to Oklahoma.

If you'd like to see me, you can purchase tickets at www.ticketmaster.com.

Just kidding.

Tickets are sold out.



Time is a funny thing. 

It flies by, drags on, vanishes...
It flits, it floats throughout the days and years... 
And it has to be managed carefully, otherwise it will take control of your life, one way or another.

My Grandpa used to say, "Everyone has 24 hours in a day."
So true.
But time does not pass at a steady pace during those 24 hours. 

It always present, always noticed.
Time is not always a comfort, though. 
Too much or too little is often the case.

"Time" is something that has not been a comfort to me for a long, long while.

But I can see it on the horizon.
I can see it coming when, perhaps just for a season, I will have "time". 
And it will bring me comfort and rest and a moment to value those around me.