A 9 Month Old's Perspective

Hi, it's me, Tidytot.  Mom is being awfully slow about posting pictures, so I'm taking over the computer to let you know what I've been doing this past month!

First of all, I really like to crawl around the house.  Mostly when I'm on hardwood floors I do an army crawl.  When I'm on carpet, it's all fours for me!  I also love to pull myself up on the stairs.

There's so much to see and do.  Here's a picture of me exploring one of the nooks and crannies in our house.  Mom runs a pretty clean ship, but if there's dirt to be found, I find it! 

I also like to do really silly things.  Here's a picture of me in a funny hat that Grandma T bought.  It's the perfect thing to wear when I'm brushing my teeth.

Sometimes I like to tilt my head way over to one side.  People are always asking me why I do it.  I don't really know why.  It's just fun!  Here at supper Mom took a picture of me and my friend, Andy.  I would take a bite of food and then tilt my head, take a bite, tilt...you get the picture.  I'm so weird!

It's not all party, party, party around here.  I have to do my part to help out around the house.  Here I'm helping Dad with some computer problems he was having. 

It's a good thing he has me to help him navigate this thing called the "world wide web".

After work, I like to relax by curling up with a good book.  I love reading!  Whether it be with Dad and Annie,

Grandma and Grandpa T,

or just by myself,

it's one of my favorite things to do!

And after all of that, I'm usually pretty tired.  Looks like it's time for a nap.

You should take one too!!!


The Birthday Email, Year 33

(Disclaimer - this is an annual email written mostly for the entertainment of it's readers.  It's not meant to be serious.  It is serious, but since it's also slightly outrageous, I feel I should add this disclaimer as a buffer.)

For most of the year I was under the impression that I was only 31.  Imagine my shock when I realized I'm turning 33 in a couple of weeks.  A whole year lost!  (As if that would be possible.)  I don't really think it is.  This past year has certainly been quite memorable.

This is the year I started to really learn what it means to love something more than myself.  And to become painfully aware of just how much "self" is rooted in my heart.  A year of knowing bone tired, true joy, deep gratitude, insecurity, and an ever-present need for God's grace.

My first year of motherhood.

It's common for churches to give out little gifts for Mother's Day and Father's Day.  I came from a church that would give carnations to mothers on their special day in May.  It's funny really.  Especially at first when you're taking care of a newborn.  When days and nights blur together and the little one's needs are so relentless.  When you're walk into walls tired and have no idea how everyone else makes it seem so easy and thoughts plague your mind like "Why is it that our baby is the only one that cries during church?"  When it's just so darn hard, comfort can be found in knowing "Well, at least I'll get a carnation on Mother's Day."

Certainly churches can't give gifts worthy of a mother's love and sacrifice throughout the year.  I don't know if such a gift exists in material form.  The reward of being a mom is just that - to be a mom, a witness to sweet smiles and a comforter for unfortunate bumps and scrapes.  A teacher, a guide, a warm hug, and a giver of countless kisses.  Motherhood is a gift in itself.

The same is not true when it comes to birthdays.  For birthdays, I want presents.  Like in material form.  As in wrapping paper, delicious food, pampering, the works.

For although my heart is full of love and blessed by a wealth of wonderful family and friends, my "self" would like a few more cute clothes and a hot body to put them on.  

I am aware that as I age my "hotness" level is decreasing.  I get it.  A while ago I told my husband I was sorry about all my premature wrinkles.  He replied, "Oh honey, I don't think those are premature."

We are so in love.

Okay, now for the list:

Mossimo® Women's Long Sleeve Blouse - Floral

Guitar Lessons
Coffee pot
Cute shoes for winter