Belly Pics

Back in August, our church had this event called Aloha Sunday.  The point of the whole thing is to tap into the "Aloha spirit of things" and focus the congregation on being more hospitable.  
Also, you can dress up.
Which we did. 
In fact, Mr. T and I went all out!
He even ordered a lei from the flower shop for me to wear.  So the lei, plus the flowy, flowery dress thing I borrowed from Grandma T launched me straight into the running for best dressed.
Ironically, Aloha Sunday was the week that many people came up to me and said, "I didn't know you were pregnant!"  Something about loose fitting clothes really excentuates the belly bump.
Here I am, decked out in Aloha garb, at about 25 weeks.
Here's Mr. T.
I mean Don Johnson.

So happy together...
And then I stopped taking belly pics for awhile because I kept forgetting.
And because I'm not photogenic.
It's my one flaw.
So, ignore my flat hair, the bags under my eyes and the poor posture displayed in the picture below.  Focus on the belly, filled with Baby T at 35 weeks.
Just about a month to go!


The Happy Couple

This weekend Mr. T and I were blessed to witness this lovely couple get married.
The weekend was full of celebration, great fellowship and amazing food! 
Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Jonas! 
We were so glad to be part of your special day.


Cause the More You Know...

Mr. T told me the other day that it was time for a new belly picture. 
Loose translation:  "Dang girl, you're getting big!"

It's so true.  I think I'm probably "normal" big, but there is really no other adjective to describe it.  I am carting around a human after all.

We went to our birthing class at the hospital this past weekend and both learned quite a bit.  For example, Mr. T thought that the painful part of labor was the big finish, not the contractions part.  I'm glad we got that cleared up or he would have thought I was a huge drama queen for the majority of the delivery.

I learned that babies can't breath through their mouths until they are about 3 months old.  How did I not know this!?!  That's why Moms are so protective of their little ones and make you wash your hands before holding their newborn.  They're not crazy, just informed.  A nose cold for a little tyke can be bad news.  So Mr. T and I have decided to invest in a hazmat suit for people to wear when they come to visit.  Don't be offended if we hand you this to put on when you come over:

As my belly grows, so does my excitement and my nervousness.  I'm not exactly sure how this little girl is going to get out!  I ran some basic calculations the other day and determined that it's just not possible.  It's not going to work.  That's how I feel.

I suppose in about 6 more weeks we'll find out!