Tidytot - Photo Blitz!

I realize I haven't posted pictures of Tidytot for awhile.  Here are several from the past 8 months.
Sweet as sugar.

Easter 2014
Eating breakfast in style!

Nothing like going to the park on a cool fall day.

Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes...

Crocodile tears.

Static electricity!

I love this picture!  Grandma came up and said, "Where's the baby?"  She riffled through her stuffed animals, found her baby doll and held it up for Grandma to see.

She loves shoes!  Especially grown-up shoes.

Can you find the Easter eggs?

All blue.

Finally, enough hair for pig tails!


Walking the dog.  She loves this!

And she loves pushing the stroller, as opposed to riding in it.


  1. She is amazing!! I love the snowflake picture. Thanks for sharing. She is growing up so fast.

  2. Patty you are so good at taking priceless pictures. I love you and your family! God will bless you with more wonderful babies but for now this one is ADORABLE!!!
    Auntie Karen